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09.27.2021 | Karat Mall | moissanite

As the king of gemstones, diamonds are also the most popular gemstones in history. However, it is so popular that it will not have many imitations like imitations. Sometimes illegals often use fakes and rashes. Recently, a kind of "counterfeit goods" that resemble diamonds has appeared, it is synthetic moissanite! It is more dazzling than diamonds, it is really hard to tell the truth from the fake!


The composition of synthetic Moissanite is mainly silicon carbide (SiC), the Mohs hardness of diamond is 9.25, and the Mohs hardness of diamond is 10, which is very simultaneous; it has 2.648-2.91, which is upgraded diamond (2.41), with color difference value. 0.104 is also approximately 3 of diamonds (0.04), so carefully crafted Moissanite products have the appearance of bright fluorescence and brilliance that are very similar to diamonds, making them the closest substitute to diamonds.


Although synthetic moissanite is very similar to diamond, there are some ways to distinguish the two. Generally, a thermal conductivity meter is commonly used to identify diamonds and their imitations. However, because synthetic Moissanite has the same good thermal conductivity as diamonds, the thermal conductivity meter cannot be used to distinguish the two. Then by what method?



1. Use a pen with a Mohs hardness of 9.5 degrees and engrave it in an inconspicuous position. Moissanite will have precious scratches on the surface, and the diamond may not show its original shape.

2. Use a 10x magnifying glass to observe the package body and ghost phenomenon. White linear aggregates are common in synthetic moissanite, while natural diamonds have almost no such phenomenon. Moissanite also has obvious synthetic ghosting phenomenon, which is completely exposed. Ghosts on the back facet edges can be seen on the entire table, and it is not accidental that a homogeneous diamond is.

3. Use key methods to spread. For loose stones, the secrets that mobile phones can download are Diamond 3.52 and Moissanite 3.22.

The appearance of synthetic moissanite is very similar to that of natural diamonds, but the price is comparable to that of agate diamonds. Generally, 1%-20 natural diamonds of the same grade are used. Yes, some products carry famous certifications, such as GIA, AGS, NGEGL, HRDTC.