why is moissanite co so cheap?Can Mossan rings be used for weddings?
09.27.2021 | Karat Mall |

The appearance of Moissanite is very similar to that of natural diamonds, and it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. It is also a kind of gem with the closest physical properties to natural diamonds.

stone. At that time, Moissanite was not researched and developed as a kind of ornament but used as an abrasive.

Sub-field applications, such as light-emitting diode materials. We can see that Moissanite is unique, it is not a fake diamond

Stone, its value should be higher than that of diamonds. The high price of diamonds is only due to commercial hype and publicity.


When choosing moissanite, you will consider its weight. Moissanite is calculated in carats, the larger the carat number, the higher the price. 1 g
Pull = 200 mg = 0.2 grams, 1 carat = 100 points, 1 point = 0.01 carats. Choose the carat size and decide according to your own budget
Order to buy. The highest grade of Moissanite is designated as D (the initial letter of Diamond). The lower the letter, the more the color of Moissanite
Closer to yellow, it means that the lower the color level. At the time of purchase, the D-class Moissanite is the best choice.
From my point of view, a diamond ring is not necessary at a wedding. Getting married is because you love each other. If you love each other, you won’t say anything wrong.
Diamonds are not acceptable. Rings are only used as wedding souvenirs. Diamond rings can symbolize the happiness and eternity of love. Why not Moissanite? if
Is it you, when you get married, do you choose a diamond ring or a Moissan diamond ring?