Where is Moissanite wholesale in the UK&canada?
09.30.2021 | Karat Mall-moissanite on sale | moissanite

It can be said that Moissanite is a very cost-effective gem. It is brighter than diamonds, has a better fire color effect, and the price is less

than one-tenth of diamonds. I think Moissanite is more worth buying. It not only meets the needs of beauty but also does not cause a great

economic burden because of being too expensive.


Moissanite is a synthetic product, and it is almost impossible to find it. At present, it is synthetic raw material through the 
laboratory.Our shop specializes in supplying wholesalers in the UK as well as Europe and the United States. The shop has a variety of
colors including white, red, green and yellow, blue, as well as round, pear-shaped, princess cut, emerald cut, and can be customized
in size.