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09.27.2021 | Karat Mall | moissanite

Moissanite is the best substitute for diamonds. The price of Moissanite is only one-twentieth of diamonds, and it has advantages in net, color, and large carats. It is not surprising that synthetic synthetics are. The editor will introduce the price of Moissanite to everyone. Moissanite is worth buying.


Is Moissan diamond jewelry that you like diamond jewelry worth buying? Diamonds are more outstanding and their clarity is better.

Diamonds and Moissanite
Diamonds are also known as diamonds. Diamonds have a Mohs hardness of 10, which is the hardest substance known in nature. 
It is precisely because of this that diamonds are often used to make wedding rings and symbolize the steadfastness of love.
Diamonds have always been regarded as eternal tokens in the jewelry market, the first choice for wedding rings, and the king
of gems.

Natural Moissanite was found in a cake in the nineteenth century. It comes from the name Hennli Moissanite, which was found to have mineral minerals in the crater. Moissanite is artificially synthesized in the market. Natural Moissanite is very rare and only appears in craters. The color is mostly dark green and black. The appearance of artificial moissanite is very similar to that of natural diamonds. It is distinguished by the tip of the eye, and it is also a kind of artificial diamond with the closest physical properties to natural diamonds. 10, while Moissanite is 9.25, far lower than the hardness of gems.

The true and false of Moissanite

Although Moissanite is artificially synthesized, it is still more expensive than other imitation diamonds and has better quality. If you do not have professional knowledge, Moissanite and ordinary artificial stone may not be distinguishable, and the price of the wrong stone is very high. Now, only a few dollars, used on silver jewelry, while Moissanite is generally inlaid with 18K gold. Moissanite can be prepared in certain certification agencies. It is recommended to buy Moissanite with an authentication certificate and waist code. Beware of fake Moissanite.