Is Moissanite a fake diamond?Do you know the difference between them?---karat mall
09.27.2021 | Karat Mall | moissanite

Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone. It is not a diamond, but its brightness is more shining than diamonds. Its internal composition is similar to that of diamonds, and the price of Moissanite in a grid is one-tenth of a diamond. However, diamonds are scarcer and more profound than Moissanites.


2. The comparison between moissanite and diamonds comparison the cut.

My cut of Moissanite is similar to the "nine hearts and one flower" of diamonds, not "eight hearts and eight arrows". This is due to the difference between moissanite and diamonds.

The refractive index is different, the dispersion of Moissanite is higher than that of diamond, so the cut is thinner than diamond. If it is cut like a diamond, Moissanite will more  transaction

  1. Color contrast

(1) Natural light

Due to the chemical properties and cutting reasons, the whiteness of Moissanite is a bit dead white, and the transparency is not as good as that of diamonds, while diamonds have a very clear, deep, and vivid feeling.

 It's hard to tell if you wear it on your hand, but you can tell if you have a diamond.

(2) Dim light

But it should also be noted that slight changes in light, such as this semi-dark rather than dark light, immediately become agile for Moissanite. Compared to diamonds, this is strange.

As a result, the degree of simulation has also become higher. It looks like a diamond. As a decoration with a price of only a few tenths, I think it is very convincing.


3. Clarity comparison

There is nothing to discuss this. Diamonds are naturally formed, and the clarity varies from IF to P grade. They are as beautiful as works of art, and they are not opaque.

Count the numbers. Moissanite is an artificial product. The clarity is very good. It can at least guarantee the flawlessness of a 10x magnifying glass, which is probably similar to the diamond's VS1 and above clarity.