How to judge the best white or green Moissanite loose stone ?
09.30.2021 | Karat Mall-moissanite on sale | moissanite

Good-quality Belgian Moissanite is indeed as beautiful as diamonds. But some people think that Moissanite diamonds are very subtle. Their cutting methods are different. Moissanite diamonds are thinner and easier than diamonds. The output of the Hearts and Arrows cut jewelry series is only 0.2%, and a large amount of output can already be seen. No matter from which angle, we can emit a brilliant light. Precision tools make the appearance of Moissanite consistent with real drill bits. Jewelry experts are equally brave, as confident as pearls in Moissanite.

1. [Detailed introduction of Moissanite color setting] At this stage, the key to the diamond color grade of diamonds is mainly based on two mechanisms: a GIA Gemological Institute of America's assessment of diamond color, which will change a total of two diamonds from no color to light yellow. 2-3 levels, each level uses D-Z. Wine is a well-known method of analyzing the color of diamonds. The other is Hong Kong's grading of diamond color. Colorless diamonds have a colorimeter of 100 colors, hence the name "white grade". ".


2. According to the diamond color classification principle of the International Diamond Research Council, the Moissanite diamond has a total of 23 grades from D to Z. D is the best hue grade for diamonds. There is no transparency, and then it is slowly clear. Z Grade is the color of the lowest grade diamond, which is light yellow overall.


2. The carat number and clarity of Moissanite are directly proportional to the quality of Moissanite. The larger the carat number, the better the quality of the Moissanite gemstone. Generally, choose Moissanite between 1 carat and 2 carats. It is recommended to choose 2 carats of Moissanite. Because the fewer impurities, the higher the transparency, and the quality is recognized. Generally speaking, VVS1 and VVS2 are better.