How many colors does moissanite stone have?
10.07.2021 | Karat Mall-moissanite on sale |

The Moissanite diamonds currently on the Moissanite sales market are lighter in color, ranging from completely transparent to completely transparent yellow. According to GIA, diamonds are divided into 23 brightness levels, from D (fully transparent) to Z (yellow). D color is the most suitable diamond color and has the greatest use-value. When the diamond color reaches U grade, the price is quite high due to good processing. These moissanite diamonds are not suitable for wedding diamond rings, so naturally, they should be used as decorative rings. Therefore, in my opinion, the price of diamonds has formed a hyperbolic graph in the opposite direction, and colored diamonds such as Moissanites do not belong to this category.

Moissanite diamond is equal to 1 prism. It can divide the light source into 1 brilliant and colorful light and can reflect these lights to produce colorful flashes. Just like people pass through color-changing glasses, the color of the diamond is used as a filter. This reduces the escape of refracted light. Therefore, the lighter the color of the fully transparent pale yellow diamond, the stronger the flashing color and the higher the color gradation. The lighter the color of Moissanite, the closer it is to full transparency, the higher the use-value, and the higher the price. A slight hue will weaken the chroma of Moissanite.


The laser processing technology of Moissanite is the key factor to determine the light section, light and chromaticity, including laser processing, processing and fine processing of Moissanite. The trajectory of the abyss between each other can allow more light sources to pass through Mozambique, or shining, and the depth of the bottom end will cause the light source to pass through the Mozambique side.