Do you know the 5 benefits of moissanite?- karat mall
09.27.2021 | Karat Mall | moissanite
1. Moissanite completely surpasses diamond in terms of price and beauty. It has the highest durability and diamond, which can be seven or eight years, and the price is only
1/10 of the diamond, then the price of Moissanite is high.

2. All moissanite is perfect, because moissanite is produced in the laboratory, the quality can be easily controlled and can be found in time
Defective products are sealed and discarded. However, the diamond has been dug deep in the layers of the ore deposit, and it is impossible to discard the diamond after digging to the ground.
This means that the Moissanite you buy will be of better quality than expensive diamonds.

3. Spending less means that the money saved can be used where you like, and high-income groups can buy a set
House, change a car, travel, buy insurance, etc., middle and low consumers can watch a concert, change to a new mobile phone, and sign up
A fitness class or a yoga class, the price of Mozanstone is relatively close to the people, so you can have more choices, and you don’t have to be in the festival.
To save money to buy a diamond ring, the quality of life has improved linearly

4. Moissanite does not have to worry about not being a problem that is really not a diamond. I showed the Moissanite to my friends, they 10
0% would think this is a diamond, and it is a good quality diamond, because the diamond is very sparkling with Moissanite, none of them
Don't think this is a diamond.

5. You can use less money to buy more general jewelry, the price of Moissanite is only one tenth, and the customized style of diamonds depends on the weather
The price is famous, and the customized models are not out of reach in Moissanite's view. Designing a diamond ring that suits her temperament will make your
Love life is more colorful